A Beginner’s Guide To Contouring

A Beginner’s Guide To Contouring

Photo Courtesy of A Little Opulent.com

Makeup artistry is essentially optical trickery; a form of illusion that when performed well, serves to enhance our features [in as natural and unassuming a way as possible]. However, there’s a fine line between illusion and farce, and when it comes to contouring, there is absolutely no margin for error.

The current craze for carving out cheekbones has left us with a nation of women sporting brown stripes down their cheeks – a look which has somewhat discredited an age old and once revered technique used by professional makeup artists since the Golden Age of Hollywood. This has rendered the practice daunting to many, when really, with the right products, tools, and knowledge, we are all just one step away from successfully defining the contours of our faces. In truth, facial contouring is alway going to look better on screen/in print than it does in real life – simply because you can only stay so many feet away from someone before realising that their face isn’t quite as angular as they would have you believe. The closer you can get before realising it’s all an illusion, the better; so you see, it’s all about subtlety.


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