Called By Cancer 2 Make A Difference

Called By Cancer 2 Make A Difference

By Ameliaismoore

The law of a successful business is supply and demand.  Many businesses that create their business based on this law its created mostly thru observation. They see something missing and they supply the demand based on what they saw was missing in the marketplace.



However, SKINin was developed by necessity.  It’s 2010 and founder Merilyn Konnerth has just launched new soap company.  She was on top of the world. Two weeks later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s when she started her journey.

She began her Chemotherapy and three days after her first  treatment she experienced the after effects that so many go through with nothing to help ease their pain.  She described the experience as: “My skin was cranky, sensitive to water and had developed dry red patches all over my face and body. Within that first week I purchased so many different lotions from the drugstore there was no room left on the vanity top.” Nothing worked.

That is when Merilyn realized that if she wanted relief she was going to have to create it.  Fortunate for her, both her grandfather and grandfather were chemists and her dad was a retired pharmacist.  As I listened to Merilyn tell her story you could see that it was at that point she realized that her cancer was not for her but for her to make a difference and help others ease their discomfort during such a uncomfortable and difficult time of their treatment.

She explained how by involving her father and grandparents the family felt empowered to help her during a time and challenge in her life  that only she could fight.  For many families, the hardest thing for them to do is not being able to do anything for someone they love other than watch them suffer.

After creating the SKINin line and seeing the difference she has made in so many women’s life (especially those that were willing to try her samples) she tells you that although she didn’t volunteer to survive cancer she would not trade the experience for anything because she learned volumes about herself and is a better person because of it.

Her quote: My fervent wish and my driving force, is to let my experience be of service to those undergoing same or similar treatments”

SKINin all-products

To understand the beauty of this skin line, you should first know what happens to your skin when you undergo Chemotherapy and Radiation. Regardless of your skin type, Chemotherapy dries the skin due to the drugs used to interfere with your oil and sweat glands.  That decrease of moisture in your skin it creates dry patches, inflammation, itching, soreness/sensitivity and cracked skin. That dry cracked skin is compounded with a pain from the dryness and sensitivity that a simple touch of your skin hurts.   Radiation although it focuses on the body internally your skin feels as if you laid in the sun and got a bad sunburn.   After radiation, it’s not uncommon for your skin to itch, blister, and peel.

SKINin Treatment is a collection of skin care products that addresses many of these issues with a soothing and hydrating approach.  They focus on gentle, plant-based and natural ingredients to soothe inflammation and find moisture to the skin.

Wait… here is what’s best about this skin care line… although created for patients dealing the severe after-effects of cancer treatments  this product is great for EVERYONE!   Be in the SKINin!



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