Don’t Waste My Time

Don’t Waste My Time

Don't Waste My Time
I can remember a point in my life when TIME meant absolutely nothing to me.  I came and went as I pleased.  I returned calls when I saw fit.  I moved according to my inner clock. The downside was, I was missing out on life experiences because my clock was not in sync with the watches of others.
Then something happened. People started doing the same thing to me… “Wasting my time!!”  Boy did I start to see the light.
As I aged, time became VERY important. It wasn’t until I started loosing loved ones, that I finally realized that TIME, once gone, was something that could never be retrieved.
Check your watches, make sure they are not selfishly set and lastly, make a vow to use your time wisely.
“It’s time we start making EVERY Moment a Memory so that every Memory will be a Moment in time…”
Li Milan
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