Fit Model Under Attack

Fit Model Under Attack

Thirty year old, lingerie model Sarah Stage’s (@sarahstage) instagram has been the topic of a lot of controversial lately. Whether or not her barely there tummy is healthy for her baby or harmful. Like most soon to be mother’s today she chronicles her pregnancy via her social media account, but unlike most mothers she is hit with a slew of hurtful comments by people who are offend that at 9th month she’s in better shape than they are. That’s the only explanation I can find to explain their actions. Stage is in better shape than most people I know, hell she’s in better shape than me. Take a look for your.

photo courtesy of @sarahstage

photo courtesy of @sarahstage

How cute is she! Those are abs you see, crazy right? From what I’ve heard she was pretty fit before hand and worked out throughout her pregnancy to maintain a healthy living. If only I had half her discipline, but instead I’m here like…


I won’t share the negative comments made on Stage’s page because were about positivity and uplifting each other here at Rejuvenate Mag, but they can be found easily scrolling through the thousand’s of comments. Continue to do what work best for you girl, you’ve inspired me to put a little bit more effort in my fitness goals. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your bundle of joy when he gets her.

Shane Anderson


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