telephone with receiver off hooktelephone with receiver off hookHave you ever felt like you were standing on the outside watching you?  I like to describe it as being disconnected from yourself.
As much as we want to believe we can handle all that life throws us, WE CANT.  There will come a time when we will need to pull the plug in order to REFOCUS.  Having the noise of the world in your head 24/7 is not helpful when it comes to maintaining INNER PEACE.  Eventually, you will have to DISCONNECT.
During our busy season, many of us tend to get overwhelmed and in turn, WE allow the stresses of life to overtake us.  I am assuring you, if you DISCONNECT from time to time, your stress levels will be minimal.  Disconnecting does NOT mean checking out.  It simply means temporarily removing yourself from the situation, gathering your thoughts, regaining your PEACE and moving forward.
Do yourself a favor and DISCONNECT.
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