Losing Weight After 50

Losing Weight After 50

I am a 52-year-old woman who was tired of feeling, tired.  I’ve struggled to stay healthy in spite of the challenges of chronic back and neck pain which affects sensation in my extremities.  I refuse to do back surgery, and so I’ve lived with this pain for years. Some years, I’ve been able to keep the weight off while being active, but most of my adult years; I’ve been fighting the bulge. It seems I tend to fall off my program by getting distracted or getting injured. Like so many others, my cycle was I’d loose weight then I’d gain it back then I’d lose it, and then, there it was, I’d gain it right back. In 2014, after having lost two of my best friends, one from a heart attack, Christmas 2012 and the other to cancer in Nov. 2014, I made a commitment to myself that I had to find a way to break this cycle. I knew what to do. I’ve done it so many times before…I surely can do it again. Somewhere inside of me a “little woman” was screaming to be liberated. This time around, I have taken the time to listen to her and now I’m on a journey towards my renewed self.  It’s been a long time.

So though I lived a life of eating very healthy, I also had some very unhealthy habits like drinking. Yes, I love to have a little sip of something. I love me some Jamaican rum punch and as well as some Bailey’s. Yep! I also love sweets like cakes and good pastries and my favorite, natural ice cream.  So I would be the person to have a healthy lunch and then treat myself to a brownie, a scoop or two of ice cream or something like that to satisfy that sweet tooth.

For years I was a vegetarian, at times I incorporated fish in my diet. Somewhere in my late forties I was told that I had hypothyroidism and because that meant my thyroid was underactive, losing weight has been a challenge. So no matter how hard I worked out, that weight would not budge…it was just a huge challenge. Eating has been an even greater challenge. My relationship with food was not healthy. Even though I juiced and would go on binges where I juiced and ate healthy foods, I would often times compromise that by having a cocktail of my favorite, Jamaican rum punch which is made with Jamaican white overproof rum and juices. If it wasn’t rum punch then it was Bailey’s. I enjoyed them both. In addition, if there was fruit cake to be had, or anything sweet, I was having it…usually at nights as I sneaked it into my room to watch a movie before falling off to sleep. It was a no-win situation.

Recently I made a commitment to make a new attempt at eating healthy and working out steadily for a year and see what becomes of it. I re-introduced meat into my diet after being told that I needed certain key proteins that were I simply not getting as a result of being a vegetarian. So I began eating eggs, turkey bacon and chicken. If I am around my Caribbean family then I will absolutely try some oxtails stew or curried goat. However, I have recommitted myself to my health and well-being.

I am grateful to my Body Combat instructors Nina and Neftali Milan, for introducing me to TeamBeachbody.com. I am grateful to Gina Lang my Pilates instructor who has been working with me on and off for two years and is finally is happy to see me committing to Pilates which helps with my back and shoulder injury. I look forward to learning and succeeding in my quest to learn to eat properly with portions control being a big focus.

On January 5th, 2015, the nurse at the gym recorded my measurements and my weight. It was my first day of eating clean on the seven-day challenge I had started with Nina and Neftali. I was very happy with my results and was already in the gym so I felt good. I had started back working right before Christmas so I was getting back into the hang of things. I was doing Pilates twice a week and getting my cardio in. I incorporated some weight training and aquatics. After the 7-day challenge, I decided to try the 21 Challenge and was diligent about measuring and eating only what was on the list of approved foods. In addition, I drank a shakeology combination every day. I committed to working out Mondays to Fridays and kept at it.

On January 30, I took a picture to record my 25th day, because Gina, my Pilates instructor felt that she was seeing significant changes in my body and wanted to record it. She posted it online and many of my friends were amazed at my progress and encouraged me to keep it up.  Only five days later, I then took another picture on my 30th day. My Beachbody coach Nina, put it up side by side on our group page and that boosted my ego as I had just done my one-month re-evaluation with the Nurse earlier that day.

During my visit with the nurse, I discovered that over the last thirty days, I lost 6 pounds; lost 8.5% body fat and gained 11lbs of lean body mass. I was told that was excellent and so I am now on to my second round of the 21 Challenge and I am really feeling like this is now my lifestyle. I make wise choices when I go out. I read labels on everything I put into my body. I have lots and lots of energy and just a great overall feeling of well being. I have become an inspiration to my friends.

Jan 5th Before Feb. 6th After

Jan 5th Before Feb. 6th After

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  1. Karaine 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. As Buju would say “its not an easy road” but my sister you are doing it one day at a time and your story is now an inspiration to me and others. Keep up the hard good work.

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