New Year, New You?

New Year, New You?

photo courtesy of bodybuilding. com

photo courtesy of bodybuilding. com

New Year, new you?

I’m sure you along with million of other Americans have made that same vow once the clock struck 12, New Year’s Eve.

What better way to present a new you than with a banging new body? With a society totally obsessed with the way we look it just makes sense.

If your anything like me, you were probably pulling out gym shoes that had been collecting dust in the back of your closet and finally going to put those super comfy yoga pants for their intended use. Or you might have bought a whole new workout wardrobe to embark on your journey to health and fitness. Whatever works for you, you went for it.

You’ve researched diet plans and did your meal prep for the week, froze your green smoothie ingredients, scheduled time out your hectic day for workouts. All and all, you are ready…then BAM! You check your calendar and its already the first day of spring and you look exactly the same, might of even gained  few pounds, as you did in January.

Its easy to fall off the wagon especially since on your  first day back to the gym and all the elliptical machines are taken, same story for the treadmills, even the zumba class is stacked. You have work, school, kids, all these other priotirers that trump going to the gym. I know, I’ve been there. I am there.

It happens every year, like clock work. Gym memberships skyrocket and everyone, like yourself are on  their “new year, new me” kick and the gym is big business. At this point you feels discouraged and just want to be at home and wrapped up with a bowl of rocky road ice cream. No? Just me huh.

Well that isn’t exactly a bad idea, minus the ice cream. There are tons of workout that can get you the same results as going to the gym that you can complete right inside the comfort of your home. Some simple enough to complete during the commercial breaks of Scandal!!

You can do squats, start out with 3 sets of 10. Form is definitely key to achieve the best results, so make sure your back is straight and your at a 90 degree angle when you go down.  There are tons of squat challenges on Instagram, I’ll post one and maybe we all can do it.

Scissor legs while your in bed. Keep legs about 6 inches off the floor or bed, which every one you choose and lift legs up and down. Really work out those lower ab muscles.

Push ups are self explanatory, but if you do have problems completing them try to make sure your feet are together, you inhale when you go down and exhale as you go up. Do as many as YOU can do, don’t over work yourself.

Planks, side lunges and so many more. There’s no more room for excuses.  Summer is going to be here any minute and its never too late to get back on your “New year, new you” kick.

Shane Anderson


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