Planting The RIGHT Seeds

Planting The RIGHT Seeds

sowing seeds

I will never forget my first school project, I was in Kindergarten.  I was tasked with growing a plant in a milk carton.  As a kid, anticipation and excitement overtook me every time I saw that carton with my name on it.
Everyday, I would check to see if anything was sprouting from the dirt in my pint sized milk carton.  Some days I would add a little water.  Others days, I just sat back and dreamed about what my plant would look like.  I could not wait to see the results of my daily work.  Not once did I believe my plant wouldn’t grow.  “I” planted the seed… “I” sat it by the window so that it would get sunlight…  “I” watered it when the soil became dry…
“I” BELIEVED in the end result.
As I fast forward to the present, I try to imagine what the world would look like if WE as people, spent more time NURTURING the seeds we planted, rather than planting and NOT taking ownership.  Through daily interactions, WE are planting seeds everyday. These seeds aren’t just planted in our own lives, many of them are being planted in the backyards of others.  A word, an action, a thought….  Those are seeds.  Believe it or not, many of us plant negative seeds, water them and wonder why they GROW.
Be like the Kindergartner who lived to be a PROUD Farmer, one who planted something GOOD.  Be mindful of the types of seeds you are planting, not only in your life, but the lives of others. Remember that every seed, whether good or bad, will eventually grow.
Lastly, DETERMINE whether or not you want to spend life enjoying the results of your seeds or worn out from digging up their roots…
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