Rihanna Becomes The First Black Woman To Front Christian Dior

Rihanna Becomes The First Black Woman To Front Christian Dior

Rihanna in Dior Resort 2015

We at Rejuvenate just love Rihanna and all her style. Dior could not have picked a better person to represent their brand.

The French fashion house has announced Rihanna as the star of its next advertising campaign, making the sultry and controversial pop icon the first black spokesmodel for Dior. She will follow several beautiful predecessors who have left a lasting impression in the brand’s campaigns over the past three decades.

In 2013, rumors hinted that Rihanna would be the new Chanel spokesmodel. Ultimately, however, it was Dior who nabbed the singer as its latest ambassador. Seen more often in scandalously revealing outfits than in Dior’s elegant suits, Rihanna is nonetheless a style icon and a regular attendee of Paris fashion week, so the choice is not entirely shocking.

Isabelle Adjani and Alain Delon

When it comes to spokesmodels, Dior has always selected men and women with strong personalities. Far from bland, the Dior brand ambassador wears his or her distinctiveness with pride and always elicits a reaction, whether through a striking physical appearance, an original career path or an intriguing personal history.

One of the most memorable Dior spokesmodels of all time is French actress Isabelle Adjani, who came on board as the face of the perfume Poison in 1985 and appeared in several campaigns over the following years. Similarly, in 1966, Dior took advantage of the devastating appeal of French actor Alain Delon to promote its iconic Eau Sauvage fragrance.

International popularity, distinctive looks and larger-than-life personalities: the luxury brand set the criteria for its spokesmodels several years ago and continues to choose them accordingly.

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