Run Until You Finish

Run Until You Finish

Run Until You Finish

When I was in High School, I participated in Track and Field.  I can still remember the feelings I’d experience prior to the starter pistol going off.  As my breathing began to change, my heart would start to beat faster as the seconds grew. The anticipation of the starter pistol was an experience in itself!!!  The adrenaline building up inside of me was AMAZING.

For those that don’t know, adrenaline is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands during high stress or exciting situations. This hormone will really get you going, I am a witness!!!

Once the starter pistol was fired, I was off running, my body marching to the same beat as my heart… RAPID!!! During the race, the thought of NOT crossing the finishline, NEVER entered my mind.  Each hurdle was approached with DETERMINATION.  There were no thoughts of giving up. I was going to run until I finished. Not once did I look down at my shoes or back at my opponents. My focus was on what was in front of me…The Finish Line!!!

Release the inner runner in you.  Lace up your sneakers and press forward. TRAIN your mind to not only see the finish line, but the Winner’s Circle as well.

“Treat life as a race. Approach every HURDLE with CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION while putting your Best foot forward.”
Li Milan

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