Stop Holding Onto the VISION… LEGO!!!

Stop Holding Onto the VISION… LEGO!!!


I don’t care who you are, where you are in life, or how much you have… WE all have ASPIRATIONS, that bit of hope or ambition of achieving something.

If you stop for a moment and listen to that little voice inside of you, I’m sure you will hear a voice that may sound like a younger you.  That voice that is pushing you to finish what you started… That voice that is encouraging you to take your VISION to the next level…  That voice that won’t be silenced until the job is done. That voice of ASPIRATION…

Believe it or not, most SUCCESS stories begin to form during our childhood years.  During those years, most of us won’t see that “thing” as being anything more than a talent we are good at.  But I’m here to tell you, it’s much BIGGER than that!!!  That “thing” is tied to a VISION and that vision is tied to something GREAT.

Take the child that loves to create structures with LEGOS as an example.  This child will spend hours upon hours making sure that the structure is correct.  He will ensure not a LEGO is out of place.  There must be BALANCE in order to receive his approval.   Little did this child know, his CREATIVITY and ABILITY to see what is not yet there, would land him the title of the Greatest Architect of his time.

My point today is, there is a VISION within all of us waiting to be unleashed.  We ALL have that “thing”.
That “thing” that will INSPIRE others… That “thing” that will make us feel whole and complete…  That “thing” that will be our personal contribution to society.

Listen to your Inner voice, allow that “thing” to manifest into PURPOSE.  Lastly, act on it!!!

“It’s never too late to accomplish what has been set aside solely for you. “  Li Milan

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