The Road To Success

The Road To Success

Success is being able to say, “Through it all, I never gave up and guess what…  I WON!!!”
(Li Milan)

Sport success on sunset backgroundEvery road that leads to SUCCESS will present challenges and obstacles.  Whether it be people, things or oneself, setbacks are usually a guarantee.

What many fail to realize is, the problem is not the setback. The problem is the mindset that is present when it occurs.
Unfortunately, because of today’s microwave mentality, many lack the level of commitment required in order to achieve SUCCESS.  This is the BIGGEST contribution to failure.
The GOOD NEWS is, failure does not have to be the outcome. Each and every one of us have been equipped to SUCCEED. The KEY to reaching that success is knowing what our strengths are.  If you can imagine the finish line in your mind, while possessing DETERMINATION in your heart, you are well on your way to VICTORY!!!
Devote some quality time to personal conditioning.  Train your mind to BELIEVE in you!!!
Remind yourself that setbacks are temporary and overcoming them, is solely up to you.
Who is the Transparent Writer? She is the Creative Pied Piper... She is the Modern Day E.F.Hutton... She is a Mom on the Move... She represents180 Degrees of Truth... She is... "Li Milan"


  1. Cassandra Nowell 6 years ago

    So happy for you and proud of you, Daughter, as you embark upon this exciting venture! I love you! You’ve done so many things that I’ve always wanted to! Keep reaching!!!

  2. LK 6 years ago

    Love the reminder that my mindset or degree of belief in my ability (along w/Spirit) to face & move through challenges is foundational to my success. So I’ll keep working on getting & keeping myind fixed on what I want.

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