The Leader In YOu
Many feel by following the “LEADER”, the odds of crossing the finish line to SUCCESS will be greater.  In some cases that may be true, but that will not always be the outcome for everyone.  Do you know that each and every one of us have been equipped with the necessary tools in order to SUCCEED?  We are natural born leaders. Therefore, reaching that place of SUCCESS is NOT an option, its a choice.
Think back to when you were a child. Think of all the children that had their hands raised to be picked as the “Line Leader”…
Now try and recall the number of children that had their hands raised to be the “Follower”…
My point is, even as children, we knew the importance of being the LEADER.  My question is, why is that not important today?
As much as society has trained us to follow the lead of those “they” have labeled as great, WE must continue to remember, there is a LEADER within all of us.  The key to succeeding as a leader is knowing what you want and going after it. It’s setting the pace according to your standards, not those of society.  It’s finding a way to get through the traffic on your road to SUCCESS…
Make the decision to LEAD and SUCCEED!!!
“Don’t wait for the traffic to clear up.  Create a lane and LEAD the pack…” (Li Milan)
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