Have you ever wondered why many of us down play our INNER strengths during times of adversity?
Today as I was driving, the above question crossed my mind.  As I drove, all I could think about were the negative things I see daily.  The selfless encounters, the lack of love, the tough experiences that life brings.
In my mind I’m thinking, how do WE get around this?  How can WE contribute to making a change?  Then I heard something on the radio that made sense of my thoughts…
“The GREATEST force in the Universe resides inside of YOU!!!!”
Joel Olsteen
Normally the word FORCE would have such a negative tone for me, as it applies to the steps one takes in order to gain control.
By definition force means “Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement”.  No where does it say WE have to use that energy and strength in a negative way.
Choose to make forceful deposits of LOVE in your home, in your workplace and in your community.  Change starts there…
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