Who Do You LOVE?

Who Do You LOVE?

Who Do You LOVE?
There is nothing like the feeling of being loved.
That warm fuzzy feeling that takes over your insides…  That smile that is permanently plastered to your face… That feeling of security, knowing that someone has your best interest in mind…  That type of LOVE!!!
Now replace the person that you were just thinking of with yourself.  How many of you LOVE yourself on that level?  How many of you think of yourself and feel AWESOME inside?  What about a sense of SECURITY?
Before you answer, I want you to think about this:
Self LOVE is an exceptionally neglected area by many.  Why do you think the level of HATE in the world is at an all time high?  In order to LOVE someone else, WE must first LOVE ourselves.
Take a look within.  Be honest…  Make sure you are giving the most important person in your life the LOVE he/she deserves.  YOU!!!!
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