When we were young, many times we were asked who we wanted to be like when we got older. Who inspired us…
As children, we didn’t have many hero’s. It was either our parents or someone famous. Looking back, I don’t recall GOD ever being the answer to this question.
As parents we can fix that. You must remember WE are not only Spiritual Farmers, WE are the Seed Planters. The WORD reminds us to teach our children which way to go. The promise to doing so is they will always return to it.  Therefore, if we teach them who GOD is and why they should be INSPIRED to be more like Him, we are on the right track.
We can wrap up quickly because the message is short and sweet.
Let’s vow to be parents who plant Spiritual Seeds in the hearts of our children. By doing so, the next time they are asked, “Who inspires you”, their answer will also be short and sweet… “GOD”
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Who is the Transparent Writer? She is the Creative Pied Piper... She is the Modern Day E.F.Hutton... She is a Mom on the Move... She represents180 Degrees of Truth... She is... "Li Milan"


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