Not Yet…. Don’t Pop!

Not Yet…. Don’t Pop!

pop bottle meme

Women, have you ever had that moment during sex when you get ready to orgasm, but he orgasms first. This can lead you to feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. You do not want to make your partner feel inadequate so you say nothing. The considerate you do want to mess up his high, but you are left feeling low and frustrated.  According to the new Journal of Sexual Medicine, the majority of men who finish to during sex blame it on lack of ejaculatory control or being aroused too quickly. To remedy this, ease the rapid thrusting or have him pull out for a few seconds. He can also squeeze the base of his penis and get back to business. All of these can slow down his orgasm so that you can enjoy each longer. This will give you enough time to catch up with each other for a strong finish together so everyone can Pop Bottles.




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